I discover the art of graffiti in Montpellier

with a guided street art tour

Do you like surprises? Then let me take you to the heart of Montpellier’s most amazing street art.

Graffiti, stencils, trompe-l’oeil… All these artistic urban creations colour the city and brighten up our walk. Let’s get started!

Meeting point in Rondelet

Huge murals

Today, I have an appointment on rue Rondelet, in front of the Saint Denis’Church: I have book a guided Street-Art tour offered by the Tourist Office (in French).

We follow the guide. I suddenly feel surprised by the strength of the colours of the first impressive mural.

Impossible to miss, and yet I, who don’t take the time to stroll around, had never seen it!

The artist Mist created this work, in an explosion of colours, drips, stains and letters, in response to the order to brighten up the neighbourhood. It was a success!

Not far from this building, another façade, just as surprising, reveals a fresco by Zest, in a figurative style. A beautiful work… Bravo to the artists ! Of course, I take some pictures to immortalize this moment.

A nice walk

looking around

There is a good atmosphere in our group and the guide takes the time to answer our questions. We now arrive in the historic centre and I don’t know where to watch: painted bollards on the Place St Roch, other trompe-l’œil, collages, bikes in the walls…

Here, a smiling moon painted on a rubbish bin, there, a space invader in mosaic, stencils with hearts…

These beautiful creations are a nice way to see the city, which is in perpetual creation, alive, modern, surprising… This visit has put a smile on my face and I would like to come back with my children, to take the time to look for all these little treasures… Most of the works are ephemeral, so you have to go and admire them urgently before they disappear.

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